There's lots to fume about today, but to focus on one small facet of a larger discussion about the "Anti-Christmas War" (discussed in part on Castle Argghhh!, a defunct weblog), I would like to point out that it was the misanthropic, misogynist anti-Semite Rush Limbaugh who made calling people Nazis a pop-culture hit. Yes, Godwin's Law grew out of Usenet use in the early 90's, but Limbaugh made it funny!

     I despise Limbaugh for a lot of reasons, not the least of which was having to listen to every emtpy-headed "Rushie" spout/respout as irrefutable facts all of the distorted pap Limbaugh used to feed them, but I really, really came to hate hearing people called "hyphen-Nazis" as in "Femi-nazi" or "Dema-nazi."

     To me, Limbaugh did more to desensitize people to the horrors of the Nazis than just about any other single pop-culture figure alive today. He turned the Nazis into the stuff of childhood nightmare-scaries, on a par with the troll-who-lives-under-the-bridge. He made it ok to be a Nazi because the best, most common defense against such labels is to embrace them, to make them one's own, and to redefine the label. I don't know how many times I heard some otherwise bright, articulate woman say something like, "Yeah, that's right, I'm a femi-nazi! What of it?!?"

     Who could have imagined such a thing in the 60s or 70s?!? Of course, even then, there was a lot of anti-establishment activity and genuine hatred of the government and the U.S., but few people had yet forgotten that the Nazis were the modern era's evil incarnate, doing the Devil's work on a scale that wanna-bes like Pol Pot & Idi Amin could only ever aspire to in their wildest fantasies. No one of my generation ever used that term lightly, or in any way other than as the most vile kind of insult.

     So what's my point?

     Only that the liberal-left didn't popularize calling people Nazis, they've just taken the stupidity of it to new heights. Limbaugh certainly wasn't the first to call people Nazis, but he was the first pop-culture icon to do so regularly, and he was the loudest, most widely listened to. Just as Arafat became the role-model for the modern terrorist, Limbaugh became the man-to-beat among all the malcontents and junior-demagogues in our society. Considering the new-left leadership doesn't seem to be capable of developing its own voice or anything like new and original "content," is it any surprise that Bushitler or hyphen-nazi has become the insult-de rigueur of the inarticulate, self-loathing liberal lickspittle?

     I've learned in life that what goes around comes around--always--so even though I truly dislike hearing the Nazi or Hitler label applied by either side, I do believe the conservative right is just reaping the rewards of having made Limbaugh its poster child so long ago.

     Frankly, it's not nearly punishment enough.


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