"Muslim anger grows at Pope speech" -- BBC Online

Really?  Imagine that.  Muslims are angry.  again.

So what else is new?

And what are they going to do now, riot and kill a bunch of other Muslims?  Riot and kill a bunch of Hindus?  Riot and kill a bunch of Christians?  Blow something up--maybe another commuter train or a schoolbus full of children?  Murder an Italian movie director?  Shoot rockets into Israel?  Fly a plane into another building full of people?  Boycott all Catholic businesses and burn Papal flags?  Declare jihad on the Holy See?  Issue a fatwa against the Pope...?

So Muslims are angry again.  Well, so what?  Muslims are always angry about something these days, and it's usually something pretty stupid.

Damn big whiney babies.  I wish they would all just grow up!

Then maybe we'd have some real peace.
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